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NY Post: Eat your heart out, Ed Hardy-See the new tattoo fashion trend

NY Post: Eat your heart out, Ed Hardy-See the new tattoo fashion trend

Tattoo motifs in fashion have come a long way since landing on the sartorial scene in the early ’00s.

The tatted-up Ed Hardy T-shirt brand — loved and worn by countless “Jersey Shore” cast members — laid the ultra-bedazzled foundation.

Ed had a significant reign as the top ink-graphic godfather no one could rival, until now.

Enter Tattoosweaters, an emerging Ukraine-based fashion label founded by costume designer and celebrity stylist Anna Osmekhina, who is ushering in a new wave of tattoo-inspired fashions.

Since launching the label in 2013, Osmekhina has worked with global tattoo artists to create the designs that end up on her final products of apparel.

The brand promotes clothing as a second skin and tattoos as the only true way to decorate it — and as a result, each collection features pieces adorned with body-art-like graphics.

For fall 2018, the line features a mix of tried-and-true basics, such as structured streamlined denim, outerwear essentials and easy-to-layer separates, as well as more obscure pieces like translucent cropped trousers, inked-up bodysuits and ’80s-influenced bold-shoulder minidresses.

Unlike the real thing, Tattoosweaters allows its wearers to rock badass ink on a temporary basis.

Sounds like a win-win if you ask us!

Maybe ink icons Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande will consider donning one of Osmekhina’s graphic get-ups so they won’t have to keep covering up the permanent alternatives.


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